Dutch Oil Chooses FuelQuest

Dutch Oil Co., the Columbus, Miss.-based petroleum marketer, will
implement FuelQuest’s Fuel Management System (FMS) to streamline fuel
distribution and fleet operations at its network of 100 company-owned
and operated locations, dealer-owned stores and independent retail

Tommy Gilreath, CFO of The Dutch Group Cos., said the company will
deploy FMS to improve complex and labor-intensive fuel management
processes with an automated, efficient solution.

"FMS is the ideal fit because it eliminates multiple separate systems
for tracking fuel costs, inventories, distribution and financial
reconciliation", Gilreath said. "With FMS in place, we are able to
consolidate our in-house manual systems and systematically boost
productivity to support our aggressive growth plans."

The collaborative nature of the FMS solution allows Dutch Oil
to manage its entire supply chain to lower transportation, procurement
and administrative costs. FMS delivers improved insight into Dutch
Oil’s fuel management processes and will dramatically reduce the
company’s total landed cost of fuel by an average of $0.04 to $0.06 per

To that end, the company will initially utilize FMS’ Voice
Response Unit (VRU), Transportation Scheduling and Strategic Sourcing
modules. These modules will allow Dutch to efficiently interact with
their branded suppliers and find price advantages in their unbranded
markets. Combined, these applications enable Dutch Oil to:
* Optimize inventory levels and fleet scheduling. Strategically aggregate and manage its fuel spending and supply contracts.

* Ensure more timely and accurate orders. FMS offers secure access to dealer operated sites and sites without Internet access via the VRU.

Improve productivity of internal staff.

"With the volatility of fuel prices in today’s market, FuelQuest is
empowering industry veterans like Dutch Oil to better serve their
diverse customer base and provide a solid platform for growth," said
Rich Cilento, president and CEO of FuelQuest. "With reduced dependence
on manual processes and complex internal systems, FMS will automate and
standardize processes to diminish their freight costs and improve fleet


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