ricker oil partners with kss

Oil company to use PriceNet Mobile for fuel “pricing management on the go.”

Ricker Oil Co., a 29-store chain based in Anderson, Ind., said it would use PriceNet Mobile to enhance its usage of the KSS PriceNet fuel pricing software. This software combination allows pricing decisions to be made “anywhere, anytime” via mobile devices.

By selecting PriceNet Mobile, the retailer is looking to improve its fuel pricing decision process. Timeliness and efficiency are key factors to providing the right prices to the right locations at the right time and, with PriceNet Mobile, pricing issues can be brought to their attention immediately and addressed accordingly.

“PriceNet Mobile gives me the tools and ability to make pricing decisions from my Blackberry,” said Dennis Williamson, general manager of Ricker Oil. “This addition to our existing pricing system enables me to respond faster, especially on weekends and while out of the office.”

With PriceNet Mobile, users can enter competitor prices and receive new price proposals in seconds, sent directly to their mobile device for approval and implementation. Users can also review key performance measures and receive exception-based alerts, such as volume running rate and margins below targets, minimizing the delays in responding to market events and/or competitor price changes that can cost retailers in lost volume, margin or price image.


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