big news from hot stuff foods

Big Stuff 52-inch pizza launched to cater to big parties and appetites.

Hot Stuff Foods CEO John Fontana had one request from the company’s research & development team: “Give me wow!” Responding to the order, the company has developed the Big Stuff Crowd Pleaser Pizza – a 52 inch party pizza ideal for “wowing” hearty appetites at football parties, youth sports’ events, birthdays, family get togethers and all other gathering of pizza lovers.

“Hot Stuff Foods believes that the future of pizza is not in the $5 belly fill deals or in commodity hunks of pizza,” challenged Fontana, “but lies in imagination, fun and recapturing the idea of pizza as something really great. This is why we have returned to the programs and foundation that made Hot Stuff the # 1 pizza in the convenience & petroleum channel. From our industry leading ample application of the best cheeses to our 100% all meat toppings, we expect both our customers and competitors to say “Wow!”

Plus, Big Stuff is profitable. The new Big Stuff Pizza delivers about $15 of gross profit to the franchisee, plus add on sales opportunities, Fontana said. In addition, Hot Stuff has developed an exclusive marketing initiative to get Big Stuff Pizza in the franchisees “foodservice arsenal,” including training certification, community event planning and marketing ideas that are as fun as the concept of a giant party pizza.

“It took a great team to develop it and a great team (Hot Stuff and their franchisee partners) will make it successful,” said Hot Stuff Foods Marketing Vice President Roxanne Van Loon. “The Big Stuff pizza definitely gives our franchisees an exclusive niche in their communities,” added Van Loon, who points out that Hot Stuff actually has a patent pending on the big pizza so no other foodservice or pizza competitors can copy it.

Hot Stuff Foods franchises and licenses branded food concepts such as Hot Stuff Food On the Go, SmashHits Deli, C-Street Bakery and StoneWilly PIZZAHOUSE in over 1,400 locations throughout the U.S, Canada, Europe and Asia. Hot Stuff Foods also offers Lettieri’s Food To Go through distributors across the U.S.


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