Iowa awards grants for alternative fuels

Kum & Go among the retailers sharing $563,800 for fuel pumps and other equipment supporting E85 and biodiesel.

Iowa’s Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Board awarded $563,800 in grants to 21 Iowa fuel retailers to encourage them to install pumps and other equipment to dispense 85% ethanol gas and biodiesel fuel.

In addition to biofuels pumps, the grants also are incentives for companies to install biodiesel storage tanks and blending equipment and to buy tank wagons for farm delivery of biodiesel. It’s a blend of a soybean-based fuel additive, petroleum-based diesel fuel and E-85, which is 85% corn-based ethanol and 5 percent gasoline.

The companies receiving grants included Kum & Go convenience stores in Mason City, Ottumwa and Norwalk and farm cooperatives in Sheldon, Harlan, Story City, Kelley, Spencer, Fort Atkinson and Dows.

“These awards to expand access to E-85 ethanol and biodiesel demonstrate our state’s commitment to a greater use of renewable energy,” said Mike Tramontina, director of the Iowa Department of Economic Development. “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for Iowa families to use renewable fuels, promote Iowa’s renewable energy economy and reduce our reliance on foreign oil.”

The grants assist the installation of six E-85 dispensers, two E-85 and biodiesel dispensers, three biodiesel storage tanks and blending equipment and 10 partitioned tank wagons.

Over the next two years, about $7.7 million in grants will be allocated by the board to expand consumer access to E-85 and biodiesel.


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