bp selling off cstores

Oil company to franchise units in Indiana and other U.S. regions.

BP’s U.S. Convenience Retail unit announced it will sell all of its company-owned and company-operated convenience stores in Indiana and other regions in the U.S.

The move will bring new ownership to more than 700 company-owned and operated convenience stores and will eliminate 9,500 BP convenience store jobs. The stores will operate under its am/pm brand, BP’s U.S. Convenience Retail unit. Some of the stores will also be sold to dealers and large distributors. The Convenience Retail unit, based in Naperville, Ill., will close as well, and operations will be run from a small office in La Palma, Calif., BP said.

BP has over 300 BP retail stations across the state and product distribution terminals in Granger, Indianapolis and Whiting. The majority of sites will be sold to franchisees and some will also be sold to dealers and large distributors, the company said.

“We are not leaving these communities,” said Fiona MacLeod, president of BP U.S. Convenience Retail. “As much as possible, we want ampm stores to be owned and operated by people who live in the communities we serve.”


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