gilbarco veederroot partners with google

Initial rollout of 3,500 integrated touchscreen fuel pumps to offer real-time directions.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root bolster its fuel pump offering by announcing a partnership with online search leader Google at the NACS show in Atlanta. The high-tech pumps integrate a Google-powered touch display. The device will use an internet connection to uplink with Google Maps and will display local landmarks, hotels, restaurants and hospitals which can selected by the gas station’s owner.

When the user selects a destination, the high-tech pump can print out directions. “We think the service will create more customer loyalty for retailers,” said Gilbarco Veeder-Root spokeswoman Lucy Sackett.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root announced it will initially offer the service in about 3,500 gas pumps and expand based on retailer demand. The innovative service will not include advertising, much to our surprise. Apparently, Google will only gain popularity, if it needs more of that. Station owners will gain money through partnerships with local businesses, which can also deliver coupons through the gas pumps’ printing system.

Eventually, users will be able to type in a specific address to get point-to-point directions, not just from the gas station to a fixed list of locations.

“Getting directions at the pump is safer than using internet-enabled devices from the driver’s seat and far more reliable than just asking a stranger,” said Kirsten Paust, vice president of global retail systems at Gilbarco Veeder-Root. “We believe consumers will prefer convenience stores that deliver useful information and ultimate convenience. Retailers who use these tools will make themselves more valuable to consumers and gain the competitive edge.”


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