nacs by the numbers

With the granddaddy of all c-store trade shows taking place this month, CSD takes a look at some quick statistics for the event.

$1.1 Billion: The estimated amount retailers will be spendingon products, many of which will be on display at the show.

79: The percentage of attendees who plan to buy one or moreproducts viewed at the show. Further research has shown that actualpurchases six to nine months after the event are even higher than whatwas planned.

≈ 36: The number of sessions and workshops currently planned fromstart to finish at this year’s show.

≈ 23,000:

The total number of attendees at the 2006 NACS Show.The organization is expecting to pull in even more guests, further solidifyingthe show’s reputation as being one of the biggest in the country.

≈ 6: The amount of years (2001-2007) Karl Rove spent as PresidentGeorge W. Bush’s senior advisor. Rove has been appointed this year’sClosing General Session speaker.

≈ 1978: The year NFL legend Archie Manning was voted as theleague’s Most Valuable Player. Manning will help kick off the events asthis year’s Opening General Session speaker.

≈ 5,439: The amount of c-stores that operate in the State ofGeorgia, this year’s host for the show. On a surprising side note, 3,346 ofthose stores are one-unit operators.

≈ 93%: The number of attendees who said they cometo the show each year to view new products and innovationsin the industry, according the surveys filled out during the2006 show. Other popular reasons included networking, education andgeneral interest in the market.

≈ 1,300: The number of exhibitors setting up shopat the on the show floor. NACS had to start a waitlist toaccommodate the vast number of exhibitors after it sold out floor spacein August.

≈ 2,200: The number of retailers enrolled as NACS members.Combined with the 1,800 suppliers that are members,the organization is one of the biggest and most influentialgroups in the industry.

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