pay to the order of stupid

C-store robber foiled by his own pay stub.

It’s by no stretch the perfect crime, but that didn’t stop Robinson Rivera from attempting it anyway.

Rivera, 25, went on a c-store robbing spree in Delaware, his weapon of choice being a crudely written note demanding that the clerks give him the cash in the registers or else he’s shoot. The note worked on the first two c-stores he attacked, leaving the clerks in a confused stupor. But Rivera made his mistake when he attempted to rob an additional store that night, leaving the note behind afterwards. Unfortunately for him, the note was written on a crinkled pay stub, featuring Rivera’s name and place of employment.

The clerk called the police, who went to the bakery where Rivera was employed. His boss quickly handed over the not-so-bright theft, providing the police with information to find Rivera, eventually arresting him.

After being identified by fingerprints and surveillance cameras as the robber of all three stores–a Valero, a 7-Eleven and an Exxon–police made their arrest.

Delaware state police Cpl. Jeff Whitemarsh was one of the confused officers on the case.

“The stupid part is, when you’re committing a crime, it’s not like your American Express card,” said Whitmarsh. “You want to leave home without your ID.”


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