wagnermentzer caught on false advertising

Company makes amends with donation.

After an investigation over pricing fraud, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning revealed that Wagner-Mentzer will change its advertising practices and give $20,000 to the community of North Platte.

Bruning investigated three of the company’s stations in August for allegedly using deceptive trade practices. The stations were accused of attracting customers with signs advertising the price of their cheapest grade of gasoline, however, the advertised price was only available at one pump island, while the other pumps offered higher-priced grades of gasoline, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

Under the new agreement, Wagner-Mentzer, owned by Wagner Oil Co. President Roy Wagner and Mentzer Oil Co. President Donald Mentzer, did not admit any violation of state law. The company did agree, however, that its stations will advertise both the price and the location of the cheapest gas on their electronic signs.

“This clear signage should prevent consumers from unknowingly pumping expensive gas into their cars,” Bruning said.

In addition, Wagner-Mentzer will also make a $20,000 charitable donation to the community of North Platte, Neb. where two of the three stations were located.


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