rutters renovates pennsylvania ywca

Newly remodeled office to be named after the chain.

Rutter’s has donated $150,000 to the YWCA of Hanover, Pa., which will use the funds to renovate the building that houses its Junior Quantum Opportunities program.

In recognition of Rutter’s donation, the building will be renamed Rutter’s Hall.

“These much-needed improvements will create a better learning environment, and one that will excite the children,” said Tina Heffner, executive director of the YWCA of Hanover.

Junior Quantum Opportunities is an extended-learning program offered to students ages 5-12. Through the use of software, children enhance the skills they learn during their daily school lessons. They also participate in community service projects, create art, learn life skills, and engage in physical fitness activities.

Upgrades to the building will include interior and exterior painting, window treatments and new carpeting. The YWCA will create work areas for the children and purchase furniture for the classroom.

“Rutter’s strives to be an integral part of the communities where it operates,” said Scott Hartman, president and CEO of Rutter’s Farm Stores. “We can’t be successful without the support of the Hanover community, and we’re proud to give back through our donation to the YWCA of Hanover.”


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