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This is an exciting issue for Convenience StoreDecisions as we unveil our inaugural Power 25, alist of industry pioneers, association executives andlawmakers that are shaping the way the conveniencestore and petroleum industry operates.

The Power 25 is an impressive honor because theexecutives and the companies they represent wereselected directly by the hardworking professionals thatmake this industry so special. More than 500 peoplevoted online and via email from Aug. 13 through Sept. 7.

The business leaders are being recognized for thelasting contributions they have made to the conveniencechannel and the impact their influence has ondetermining the future of convenience retailing. The listranges from leading retailers that have guided companiesto national prominence and the suppliers andwholesalers that support them, to government officialsthat are constantly introducing legislation that affectsthe way goods and services are sold at retail and theassociation executives that valiantly oppose them.

“I believe success has been driven by our corporateculture. We always think we can do better or that goodis never good enough,” said Sheetz Inc. President andCEO Stan Sheetz. “What you see is a result of hiring goodpeople and treating them the right way. As a result, ouremployees stay with us. When employees stay with anorganization for a long time, you get to know them. Wehave quite a few company events, and we make a pointof spending time with our people. Many of our employeeshave stayed with us for a long time, and I hope thatis because of us treating them well, and them beinghappy working for us.”

For others, the focus has been on improving theconvenience store and petroleum industry as whole.For example, Hank Armour, president and CEO of theNational Association of Convenience Stores (NACS),spearheads the industry


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