circle ks 2 million treatment

New upscale store opened in Arizona.

Circle K has bumped things up to a new level with the opening of its new store in Peoria, Ariz. The new store is located along Lake Pleasant, a popular recreation spot in the area, according to the Arizona Republic.

Costing more than $2 million, the store features 20 gas pumps and is decorated with red brick and old-fashioned lamp fixtures on the outside. Inside, it carries the same convenience items shoppers are familiar with, as well as an extensive collection of high-end wines.

“This is one of the most expensive Circle K’s built in Maricopa County,” said Phil Denaro Jr., president of Peoria, Ariz.-based Essex Companies, the firm that built the store.

The new Circle K will be an attraction for recreation-seekers on their way to Lake Pleasant, Denaro added.

“The 20 pumps will accommodate boats and cars for the people heading up to the lake,” he told the newspaper.


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