loves adds 6 million in expansions

Store reopens with more pumps, parking and foodservice.

Love’s Country Store is introducing its new $6 million expansion to the town of Tumcumcari, N.M. The new expansion doubled the store’s diesel lanes to eight and upped the gasoline lanes to six, according to the Quay County Sun.

“The new location opened without any major delays,” said Public Relations Director Jenny Love Meyer. “In addition to the new location, we have added 25 new employees and three new managers to the existing team of 15 employees and two managers.”

The 4,321-square-foot building offers two separate sections with the Love’s Country Store on one side and the eatery on the second side. A total of 12 pumps rests out front of the store with the eight diesel lanes are located behind the building away from the area where automotive travelers refuel and park. The store used to have only four diesel lanes and eight gasoline pumps.

Parking has been beefed up as well, now accommodating 102 semi-trucks as opposed to the former 25.

As for the offered dining, Chester’s Fried Chicken and Godfather’s Pizza restaurants have been joined by an Arby’s restaurant.


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