chevron taps into human energy

New advertising campaign launched this week.

Chevron Corp. launched a new integrated global advertising campaign this week aimed at engaging people in today’s energy issues and highlighting the steps Chevron is taking to bring more energy supplies to the global marketplace. The campaign, called the “Power of Human Energy,” launched on television in the U.S. on Sept. 30 and internationally on Oct. 5.

“The energy industry is one of the most complex and vital industries in the world. Yet public opinion is most frequently shaped by the price at the pump,” said Chevron Vice Chairman Peter Robertson. “How we find, produce and use energy are critical issues of our time. We all need to participate in developing and shaping our energy future. Chevron takes on this challenge every day.”

The advertising campaign will launch with the ad “Untapped Energy,” which will premiere as a 2:30 spot on CBS’s “60 Minutes.” The other global television ads–“The Impossible,” “New Frontiers” and “Renewable Energy”–will air as 60-second spots and 30-second spots, each showing how energy affects all our lives as well as the level of commitment, ingenuity and responsibility Chevron employees practice every day to bring energy supplies to global markets.

As part of the “Power of Human Energy” campaign, Chevron also has enhanced its corporate Web site It will feature new interactive stories showcasing how “human energy” is at work within the company and include a global issues section to address what Chevron is doing in areas of vital importance, such as supply and demand, energy efficiency and climate change.

“At Chevron, ‘human energy’ captures our positive spirit in delivering energy to a rapidly changing world,” said Rhonda Zygocki, Chevron vice president of Policy, Government and Public Affairs. “We believe that viable answers are out there to meet future demand, but that people must work together to find them.”


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