keeping stores centered

New Willard Bishop study suggests that center of a store can be the most profitable area.

New, smaller banners and greater focus on fresh foods will reduce the size of traditional grocery stores and directly impact variety and space in center of the store, according to a new study by Willard Bishop LLC, an industry consulting


The study, titled the Grocery Super Study, stated that the center of the store is still the economic engine that drives total store performance, an important fact that can translate to stores of smaller footprints, such as those found in the c-store industry.

“Center store generates 72% of store sales and nearly all of the net profit in a traditional grocery store,” Paul Weitzel, managing partner at Willard Bishop. “Considering the shift to a smaller footprint by many retailers, it’ll be more important than ever for suppliers to work with their retail partners to develop a successful Center Store formula that balances both consumer appeal and economic success.”


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