halo hiccup hurts 7eleven

7-Eleven may not have been gamers’ first guess as to where to pick up the new Halo 3 this past Tuesday, but that didn’t stop the Dallas-based chain from planning a midnight launch of the video game along with every other gaming retailer across the country. However, a small distribution snag did stop stores from carrying the game.

The chain reported not receiving the units by the time of the launch. Many of the chain’s stores did not receive its allocated copies of the game, thanks to the chain’s distributor sending many of the units by second day priority–making their arrival one day late.

Despite the error, a “vast majority” of the stores carrying the game did still receive their scheduled deliveries on time, a 7-Eleven representative told GameSpot.com. About half of the company’s stores were involved in the Halo 3 promotion.

Despite the bump in the road, 7-Eleven is hoping that gamers won’t be too turned off by the situation; the rep said the company is looking at a selection of other games to sell in its stores for 2008, according to the website.

“We did some research early last year of our core customers, mostly male 18 to 24, and asked what they liked to do best with their leisure time,” the representative told GameSpot. “Without a doubt, the top three responses were movies, sports and computer and video games.”


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