western convenience joins in the e85 momentum

Chain teams up with local supporters to offer biofuel options.

Western Convenience Stores is teaming up with the Colorado Corn Growers Association (CCGA), the Colorado Governor’s Biofuels Coalition, Regional Air Quality Council and General Motors to celebrate the opening of a new E85 pump location in Thornton, Colo.

The collaboration kicked off the launch of the new E85 pumps at the Western Convenience store by selling the fuel for .85 cents a gallon during the early afternoon last Wednesday.

“The CCGA has been involved in the advancement of renewable fuels for decades,” said Mark Sponsler, CEO of the CCGA. “It is great to have partners that are committed to making a difference for cleaner air and renewable energy. It’s also clear that consumers are tired of dependence on foreign oil and want to start making changes. The consumer demand is growing for new choices, such as cleaner burning, renewable and domestic-sourced ethanol at the pump and we’re giving them yet another choice.”

Western Convenience has plans to install a total of 15 E85 pump locations. The CCGA will provide a portion of the infrastructure dollars needed through a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant to assist five of the locations. The Governor’s Biofuels Coalition is providing funding to assist Western Convenience on the additional ten stations, according to CattleNetwork.com.


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