yogurt and then some

YoCrunch yogurt introduces two new flavors to its core line offering healthyand decadent yogurt experiences. Smooth and creamy low-fat YoCrunchVanilla yogurt is paired with crunchy Butterfinger and

Strawberry-Bananais joined by 100% natural low-fat granola. All of YoCrunch’s low-fat yogurtproducts contain live and active cultures perfect for digestion and repletewith a mix of health benefits. The only national smooth yogurt with crunchymix-ins on the market today, YoCrunch’s innovative packaging convenientlytops deliciously healthy, smooth yogurt with iconic brands such as M&M’s,Reese’s Piece, Oreos, Nestle Crunch, Butterfinger, Tree Top and Grape-Nuts.For More Information from YoCrunch Yogurt



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