bp waives goodbye to south dakota

Company pulls out to sell closer to its refineries.

BP America Inc. revealed that it’s pulling out of most of South Dakota and all of North Dakota, Wyoming, Louisiana and Texas, due to a decision to focus on areas closer to its refineries, according to the Associated Press. The company revealed that

the Sioux Falls, S.D. area will still have a BP presence because the city is close enough to an Indiana refinery.

Up to 350 could be affected by the decision, which goes into effect April 1.

“I think it really caught everybody off guard,” said Randy Bonn, owner of an Aberdeen BP station. “They (BP) haven’t been here that long.”

Other owners like Mike Carrells are trying to decide whether to be independent or choose another brand. “We are shopping for the best value for our customers,” he said. Some of his concerns is whether a brand is well known, if it offers customer credit cards and other perks, and whether it will stay in the area.

BP joins ConocoPhillips which left parts of South Dakota early last month.


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