kwik trip workers become heroes

Employees help save family from burning home.

Kwik Trip employees Tammy Schultz and Nancy Sprague didn’t expect to save any lives when they started their early morning shift, but that didn’t stop them from risking their lives to rescue a family from a burning building.

The incident, which police are investigating as arson, began at 4:45 a.m. when Schultz was outside on a smoke break. She noticed a fire sparking up at a home down the road.

“I was having a quick smoke before we opened and I happened to notice some guy throw a match onto the garage and started to light it up,” Schultz told TMJ 4 News.

The man who started the fire ran off shortly after flames began consuming the home. Schultz and Sprague called 911 before running over to the home to help the family.

“The smoke was so bad and the fire was really high over there and it was spreading,” said Sprague.

The pair started knocking on windows, trying to wake the sleeping family while avoiding the consuming flames. The two were successful, getting the family out of the home before they were hurt.

The heroism hasn’t stopped there for the two employees of Waukesha, Mich. Kwik Trip. Currently, Schultz and Sprague are helping the local police find the arsonist responsible.


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