shultz is manning rutters stores

The York, Pa-basedcompany replaced the vice president position with a director of human resources.Schultz will be responsible for overseeing theentire human resources department, including employee benefits, policies and payroll.She will also oversee hiring new employeesfor rutter’s 51 convenience stores in centralPennsylvania. Potential hires can apply forretail positions at any store or through thecompany Web site. Schultz will pursue recruitsby attending community and collegecareer fairs to identify new talent potential and promote the rutter’s brand.

Shultz first toyed with the idea of joining rutter’s in 1995 through a friend whowas a long-time employee of the company. She was working at a dental office atthe time and decided to interview for theposition of human resources assistant.

“After I began working in Hr, I askedmyself ‘Why did you wait so long?'” saidShultz. “I love dealing with people and helping them solve problems that arise.”

Starting out dealing strictly with workman’s compensation issues, Shultz workedher way up the human resources ladder. In2002, when the president of rutter’s decidedto implement the position of recruitmentmanager, Shultz was approached andaccepted the new job. Eventually the vicepresident of human resources decided toleave the company, creating an opening forShultz to step into her current role as directorof human resources.

Shultz’s first big project is to spearheadthe search for new retail talent as rutter’sprepares to open several new stores in thenear future. She also will be out in the stores training managers, team members and category managers. At any given time, she isresponsible for more than 1,000 employeesacross the company’s retail network.

“There is a lot of stability here for ouremployees,” said Shultz. “I’m charged withcontinuously growing our group, whilemaintaining the wellness and happiness of our people.”

In her new role, Shultz will get the opportunity to work closely with other departmentleaders and the president of rutter’s, ScottHartman. She’s looking forward to gettingback into working with the insurance andbenefits aspect of the human resourcesdepar tment, which she briefly steppedaway from in her previous position.

“There’s no question in my mind that I’llbe with rutter’s years down the line,” saidShultz. “It’s a great family business and theyhave such a presence with the employeesand the community.”


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