circle k teams up with habitat for humanity

New recycling program cleans community while funding charity.

Circle K and Habitat for Humanity have launched a plan to encourage recycling in the areas they serve, according to the Yuma Sun. “Enviro” green collection houses have been placed at 16 of the convenience stores in Yuma Country for customers to place their empty aluminum cans and plastics for recycling.

Proceeds from the recycled products help fund Habitat’s home-building efforts in the Yuma area. In the process, it helps the environment by keeping all those empty cans and bottles out of the landfill, according to the newspaper.

“It’s so exciting to be able to give back to the community,” Angela Anger, a district manager for Circle K Stores Inc. in the Yuma area, told the newspaper. “We wanted to send a message to the community that we’re not just about making money. We want to give back. We saw a need for recycling and thought this would be an excellent opportunity to give customers a place to recycle their cans and bottles and also help Habitat.”

Anger found out about the Habitat’s aluminum can recycling program during a special can drive held earlier this summer with the assistance of Sam’s Club. Soon after, she got herself and the community involved.

“We heard they were looking for sites and we jumped at the chance,” Anger said. “Wethought our stores would be convenient. We see so many bottles and cans in the trash and hope people will make the extra effort to take a few steps to put them in the houses instead of the trash.”


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