chevron extends collectible line

“Victor E Van” customized for Arizona State University.

Chevron Products Co. has released Victor E. Van, the newest addition to its Chevron Cars family, customized for Arizona State University (ASU). Victor E. Van comes in ASU maroon and gold, features eyes that move, doors that open, side-view mirrors, and stickers with the ASU logo.

Vans can be purchased at participating Chevron stations or through the Chevron Toy Cars’ website at The ASU Victor E. Van is now available for a suggested retail price of $7.99 at participating Chevron gasoline retail locations. Chevron will donate a portion of its net proceeds from the sale of the ASU Victor E. Van to the Boys & Girls Club of The East Valley.

With the introduction of the 2007 Victor E. Van models, there are 57 unique Chevron Cars in the collection with more than 16 million toy cars sold to date. Chevron’s toy cars hit the marketplace in 1996 in the World of Cars Campaign to launch Chevron with Techron. The ads did much more than promote Chevron’s improved additive; they transformed the face of Chevron into a trustworthy brand and continue to fuel Chevron’s success.

Victor E. Van builds on the success of Techron and continues Chevron’s strong tradition of top performance by honoring the hard work and fair play that drives sports.


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