hoshizaki kms1230mlh

Hoshizaki America announces the manufacturing of the new Serenity Series Cuber Ice Machine, KMS-1230MLH. The KMS-1230MLH Crescent Cube Ice Machine is 75% quieter than traditional remote units. Serenity’s space saving design makes for an ideal installation on top of a beverage dispenser and the quality of ice will dispense easily in this application. The

KMS-1230MLH unit produces up to 1126 lbs. of ice per 24 hours. A stainless steel evaporator allows for individual crescent cubes to be formed on both sides of the evaporator.The design allows for the freezing of the purest water and formation of crystal clear crescent cubes.

The EverCheck® Alert System sounds an audible warning when the machine is in need of service. The CycleSaver® Design allows the cuber to produce the same quantity of ice in about half the cycles of the other ice machines. The removable water tank allows the technician easy access to the beverage/ ice dispenser and/or storage bin area when cleaning or removing parts. All Serenity Series Ice Machines, DKM-500, FS-1001 and KMS-1230 feature attractive stainless steel construction with fewer moving parts which means dependability, longer machine life and energy savings.
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