couchetard offers new employee perks

Company goes to new lengths in order to fill a shallow labor pool.

Alimentation Couche-Tard, Convenience Store Decisions’ 2007 Chain of the Year, has started a new campaign to bring new blood into its labor-starved Alberta market. The company has begun recruiting in Ontario and the Maritimes, offering enticements such as

apartments and regular flights back home to potential new hires.

The Quebec-based operator is also trying to win over potential employees by offering the use of a car and the possibility of winning a cash prize, according to the Canadian Press.

Alain Bouchard, CEO of the company, told shareholders that the efforts made to get and keep staff are working. So much so, that the chain has been able to keep its doors open at night and on Sundays, an edge over competitors that have been forced to shut their doors for those shifts due to a lack of staff.

“Our competitors are closing early,” Bouchard said. “We’re not.”

Bouchard added that the success of the new initiative comes from knowing where to find the right people, such as Toronto.


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