ameristop running dry

Locals left wondering why chain has no gas or Coke products.

Ameristop is making local customers uneasy with one store–and possibly more–sporting both dry shelves and dry gas pumps.

The problem was first noticed by a local news team in Wilder, Ken., which noticed a local store that had its fuel pumps wearing a sign declaring “No Gas.” This came shortly after the store was reported to be in the midst of a Coca-Cola drought, not having or receiving any of the supplier’s products.

According to WCPO news, the station that has been tracking Ameristop’s activities since many of the stores were reported to have low Coke supplies, employees have gone off the record and revealed that the company refused to deliver gas to the franchisees.

Through a letter written by store managers that was obtained by WPCO, it was further revealed that the company has stopped paying vendors and creditors, which explains both the gas and Coke shortage at local stores.

The letter was composed by 29 Ameristop managers who threatened are threatening to sue Ameristop if the situation doesn’t end by Sept. 19.


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