chs launches next generation cenex brand

“Generation Image Renewal” creates a fresh look for consumers.

CHS, Inc., operator of the Cenex convenience store brand, announced a major reimaging campaign that will roll out over the next 36 months. As part of the reimaging, each of the company’s 1,600 retail sites will undergo a major renovation to reinvigorate brand identity, increase consumer appeal and support the company’s aggressive growth plan.

Tabbed the “Generation Image Renewal,” Cenex is launching the next generation of its brand, which establishes a fresh, consistent image at every Cenex site. The renovation addresses the demands of today’s consumers and re-instills a positive impression of the steadfast brand.

“Our objective is to create an appealing brand for our consumers and our independent brand marketers alike,” said Doug Dorfman, brand, product and marketing manager of refined fuels for Cenex. “Consumers need to feel good about shopping at Cenex, and marketers must feel proud to display the Cenex brand at their site.”

Changes to the Cenex identification at each site include a new look for the canopy, signs, and pumps. Additionally, most sites will receive brighter paint colors, new lighting and digital signage. “The upgrades create a more modern destination and a convenient place to fuel that meets the needs of our customers” Dorfman said.

“Generation Image Renewal” also supports CHS’ aggressive plan to grow by more than 500 stores over the next four years. The company continues to focus its expansion in major metropolitan areas, while maintaining growth in many rural areas.

“We have stores that have been in the system for as long as the brand has been around, and we have new sites coming on board every day,” Dorfman said. “The new image needs to appeal to all marketers including the seasoned, the new, and those coming on board in the future.”

Throughout the renovation process, CHS’ focus is on ensuring that current Cenex marketers and end customers experience a smooth transition. In addition to funding the majority of the costs associated with the upgrade, CHS will support its marketers through the entire re-identification process. Sites will remain open for operation during construction. CHS will also provide marketers with advertising and communication tools, grand re-opening plans, and more to help stores introduce their new look to customers and community members.


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