redners offers food for thought

New program provides money for local students education.

Redner’s Markets Inc. is creating a new and innovative tuition reimbursement program to be offered to students attending Bucks County Community College (BCCC).Additionally, Redner’s has plans to offer a tuition reimbursement pilot program to students at Wilson High School, near Reading, Pa.Redner’s has partnered with the two schools in an effort to enhance recruiting and retention of employees attending each institution.

The “Food for Thought” education assistance program would be offered to current or potential Redner’s employees who enroll at BCCC as a full-time student.Redner’s will reimburse students $92 per credit hour or up to $750 per semester.The maximum amount of reimbursement offered to students is $6,000 during the course of their academic studies at BCCC.Students will be required to maintain a C (2.0) grade point average during their participation in the program.The BCCC Campus Affairs Coordinator and Redner’s human resource department will coordinate the program and academic performance of students while enrolled at BCCC.Redner’s operates four supermarkets in Bucks County with 425 associates.

“We believe these programs will benefit both Redner≠s Markets and our student employees by having a portion of their college tuition paid and offsetting some of their financial burden,” said Robert McDonough, vice president of human resources.

Redner≠s will be piloting a similar program with Wilson High School in Berks County.Students enrolled at Wilson High School, who are also employed with Redner≠s Markets, will be able to enroll in a promissory tuition reimbursement program for higher education. Current Wilson students would be able to earn $1.00 of tuition reimbursement for each hour of work performed with a lifetime maximum of $2,000. The amount that the students accrue during their employment with Redner≠s would later be applied to the cost of tuition associated with a post-secondary degree. Students wishing to enroll in the program must maintain a C (2.0) grade point average, maintain good standing as an employee and complete the graduation requirements of Wilson High School.

McDonough added, “In today’s employment market, we must be creative in finding ways to recruit and develop talented employees. Such a program will be an additional recruiting tool through which we can find new employees as we emerge into new markets. We are hopeful that we can establish relationships with students that will introduce them to the food industry as being a viable career option.”


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