jennys markets energized at the cold vault

Eclipse Retail Management, operator of 35 Jenny’s Market convenience stores in Colorado, has launched an energy drink promotion with DC Brands International.

With shelf space at a premium, DC Brands enacted a unique promotion to help convenience store owners while introducing Turn Left Energy Drink to its target market. The convenience store promotion revolves around three major points: increasing gas sales, driving foot traffic inside and expanding energy drink sales throughout the store.

To accomplish this, DC Brands decorates the store and gas pumps with posters, coolers and fuel pumptoppers that explain the company’s race ticket giveaway contest and that a customer needs to see the cashier for a free ticket. To earn a Turn Left race ticket, customers must either purchase 10 gallons or more of fuel or purchase any energy drink in the store, either way they must step inside the convenience store. Even better for retailers, there is no purchase necessary of a DC Brands product.

“The pump toppers are catchy and vibrant, and the response from the customer has been pure excitement about potentially winning NASCAR tickets,” said Mike Haynes, president of Eclipse Retail Management, which markets Conoco and Phillips fuels at the Jenny’s stores. “We’ve given out tons of tickets and really like the marketing approach DC Brands takes for its Turn Left Energy Drinks. It’s a good product and engages the customer with added value.”

DC Brands gives away Turn Left race tickets that feature a code printed on the back. Every ticket is a winner, and customers have the added option of visiting to play Turn Left poker to accrue additional points and enter to win a chance to attend one of many NASCAR races around the country. Winners are drawn weekly. The benefit to convenience store owners is that they’re able to piggyback on the expenditures DC Brands makes, get credit for it and send their customers to an exciting sports event, said DC Brands President & CEO Richard Pearce.


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