elevated jerky

TrailSteaks PremiumJerkey Co. is raising the barin the meat snack industry by introducing a new andimproved product. Using onlythe finest cuts of beef, turkey,buffalo, elk and venison,TrailSteaks has created 45 varieties of premium

and gourmet products.These delectable meat snacks are marketed in multiple package sizes. Eachpackage contains pieces of flavorful, succulent steak, not the average tough,dry jerky found on the market today. Hand-cut strips of whole muscle meatare marinated in the perfect blend of seasonings and spices. Each strip isthen smoked slowly to guarantee delicious flavor and tenderness in everybite. Flavors include Hickory Smoked, Cherry Maple, Honey BBQ and Blazin'Hot. TrailSteaks products are not kippered and contain no fillers. Merchandisefixtures and signage are provided with each store's initial order.

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