smoker friendly growing store count

Acquisition from S.R. Flaks includes 13 stores in Colorado.

The Cigarette Store Corp. dba Smoker Friendly/Gasamat, a regional tobacco and gasoline retailer out of Boulder, Colo. and the largest shareholder and operating partner of Smoker Friendly Int., has acquired

13 Smoker Friendly stores in southern Colorado from the S. R. Flaks Co.

These stores–in addition to the recently opened Smoker Friendly store in Brighton, Colo. and the soon to be opened Smoker Friendly/Gasamat outlet in Sheridan, Wyo.–bring the company’s owned and operated store count to 99. There are a total of 465 stores retailing under the Smoker Friendly brand.

Smoker Friendly Int. licenses its trade name and sells private-label cigarette and tobacco products through a growing network of Smoker Friendly Authorized Dealers of which The Cigarette Store Corp. is a member.


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