ds expands its service

Company stretches its reach into the West Coast.

D&S Car Wash Equipment Co. a provider of automatic and self-service carwash systems, has recently expanded their distribution network with the addition of new distributors in Oregon, California, Texas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Kentucky and West Virginia.

New distributors in the Western States include Jones Car Wash Systems of Portland, Ore. and West Coast Wash Systems for the northern Los Angeles market. In Texas, D&S is very pleased to announce that AutoBrite Company of San Antonio has been added for southern Texas and Scotch Plaid Inc. will cover the Dallas market. In the Midwest region D&S adds AACE Wash Systems LLC of Nebraska; Mid America Car Wash Systems and Sather Electric Car Wash Services of Minnesota and Rae-Cor Distributing of Wisconsin. In the Southwest, D&S bring aboard Cherokee Car Wash Properties in Oklahoma. Additionally, D&S added distributors Wash-N-Shine in the Southeast region and C&S Car Wash Service in West Virginia.

The appointment of these distributors will help D&S further expand its sales and service activities and help gain market share in the professional carwash, quick lube, convenience store and automobile dealership segments.


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