gulf gets aggressive on fuel

To fight the high cost of credit card transactions, Gulf Oil LP has developed a new Gulf MasterCard promotion, with which customers can earn up to 25% in rebates on Gulf gas purchases, and 2% back in rebates on all other purchases during the first 60 days their account is open. At today’s prices,

that can equate to approximately 75 cents per gallon.

Once customers accumulate $20 in rebates, Gulf will automatically mail a $20 Gulf Gift Card, which can be used for gasoline purchases at any of its retail centers in the Northeast. Customers can apply for the Gulf MasterCard at any Gulf Oil gasoline retail center or online at

“This program actively thanks new and existing customers for committing to Gulf,” said Joseph Petrowski, Gulf Oil’s president and CEO. “It also demonstrates our focus on adding value that helps drive customers to our gasoline retail centers. Such efforts show our continued focus on downstream marketing, and we hope it will give people another reason to choose Gulf not only just for gasoline but also for other purchases as well.”

These terms apply for Gulf MasterCard accounts opened between July 1 and Sept. 15.


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