ds shows off for retailers

Recent Vendor Expo showcases new equipment for car wash operators.

D&S Car Wash Equipment Co. recently held its third annual National Sales Meeting and Vendor Expo on June 20th at the High Ridge plant near St. Louis, Mo. Distributors from all across the U.S. attended the event, which covered sales and service topics on D&S in-bay automatics and equipment.

The day began with a brief morning meeting and discussion about the Odyssey Soft Touch, D&S’s friction automatic car wash system. Distributors also learned about the D&S Net, the latest concept in car wash control and automation.

D&S provided its distributors with a hands-on opportunity to discover the company’s new Quicksilver touch free automatic car wash system and learn of the advancements in technology and controls. D&S engineers and developers demonstrated the new unit and discussed the technological and innovative features of the system.

In addition to the sales meeting, distributors were able to meet with select partner suppliers of D&S during the afternoon Vendor Expo, held outdoors on the parking lot of the factory. The Vendor Expo again featured more than 20 car wash industry suppliers of chemicals, water treatment, bill changers, coin collectors and timers, water reclamation, hydraulics and dryers. The day concluded with a Western-style barbeque, prizes and an awards presentation.


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