texas oil companies prepare for emergencies

New protocol sets up state to handle possible fuel shortages.

Texas oil company executives and state leaders are constructing measures to improve gasoline delivery during hurricanes, hopefully reducing the amount of stranded motorists often seen during such disasters, such as in 2005 when Hurrican Rita left roads filled with3.6 million fleeing residents.

Because of those stranded drivers, oil executives and state officials alike are working to impliment a fuel plan into the current 200-page evacuation proceedure guide.

Due to damaged production platforms and evacuated refineries, the industry was overwhelemed in the demand for gasoline during the evacuation. Motorists used up just about every drop of gas available in Houston and the surrounding area, according to the Associated Press. The task force set a series of benchmarks. They require gas stations to maintain underground tanks that are at least 65% full.

The new plan calls for fuel trucks to be filled, positioned in preselected staging areas and directed to gas stations along the coast when the storm closes in five days before arrival.

The state is also using electrical signage along the highways to remind motorists that ehy should have they tanks filled for an impending storm.


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