chs selects dtn

Company uses Guardian3 system for its automated fuel management systems.

CHS Inc., an energy and grain-based foods company, selected DTN and its Guardian3 (G3) terminal automation system to manage fuel supply at its terminals supplying Cenex brand energy products.

CHS will use DTN G3 to customize reporting from its terminals for better insight into product liftings, to keep trucks loading efficiently and maintain business and government compliance records.

DTN G3 is a terminal automation system that allows operators to manage sites efficiently while providing data capabilities that exceed sophisticated terminal requirements of data exchange, reporting, inventory management and governmental regulations. Terminal managers can quickly anticipate shortages, readily adjust allocation and take advantage of real-time inventory balancing. Recent upgrades to DTN G3 have focused on improving terminal security and safe fuel loading.

“We’re pleased to be using DTN Guardian3 because it means better customer service for our clients,” said Corey McIlvain, CHS I & E engineering supervisor. “We’re able to alert customers as they reach their allocation limit and keep adequate fuel supply on reserve so our best customers have access to the amounts they need.”


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