rpcs acquires several albertsons properties

Twelve stores in the Tulsa area switch hands.

RPCS Inc., which operates Price Cutter stores, has revealed plans for an agreement with Albertsons LLC to acquire 12 Albertsons properties, including nine supermarkets and three convenience stores, in and around the Tulsa, Okla. market. Name changes and rebranding

will take place after the company takes possession of the first site July 23.

“Since 1919, we have been building a family of supermarkets, employees, and customers in southwest Missouri, and we could not be more excited to extend that family into Oklahoma,” Erick Taylor, RPCS Inc. president and CEO told the Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader. “As an employee-owned company, we are 100% dedicated to our staff and the communities that they call home. We look forward to continuing our heritage in Oklahoma not only as a local supermarket, but also as a community partner.”

Currently, RPCS Inc. operates 34 retail grocery stores, 19 in-store pharmacies, 10 Starbucks, three restaurants, on-line shopping in southwest Missouri and a limited-assortment store in Arkansas.


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