marlboro enters the smokeless tobacco arena

New Phillip Morris product set for limited release to compete in growing OTP market.

by Michael Ferrari

In a move long anticipated by tobacco industry observers, Philip Morris USA yesterday said it would begin test marketing a smokeless tobacco product bearing its flagship Marlboro brand.

Marlboro Snus, a tobacco pouch product that is neither a spit tobacco-like dip or chew, is designed especially for adult smokers who are interested in smokeless tobacco alternatives to cigarettes. The product utilizes a unique flavor strip and dried tobacco that spit-free and is intended to build on Marlboro’s powerful brand equity as the top-selling cigarette brand in the world, and comes in four varieties: Rich, Mild, Mint and Spice.

“Consumer research shows that some adult smokers are interested in smokeless tobacco alternatives to cigarettes,” said John R. Nelson, president of operations and technology for Philip Morris USA. “Marlboro Snus is a smokeless tobacco product that we believe smokers like. It is our hope that adult smokers interested in a smokeless tobacco alternative to cigarettes will switch to Marlboro Snus.”

Philip Morris USA will introduce Marlboro Snus in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area in August to understand adult smoker acceptance of this new product.

“This new product from Marlboro represents a proposition that embraces the flavor heritage of Marlboro cigarettes and connects it to a new and unique product offering. Marlboro Snus delivers the taste and quality that adult smokers expect from Marlboro in no-spit tobacco pouches,” said Nelson.

Marlboro Snus is part of Philip Morris USA’s continuing efforts to make progress against its growth strategy. Philip Morris USA’s growth strategy aims to add to the mix of products it offers starting with those tobacco or tobacco-related products that are adjacent and similar to its existing business, cigarettes.


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