sheetz gives out free gas

ATM customer wins Z-card to promote recent partnership with M&T Bank.

Sheetz Inc. and MT Bank are celebrating the success of the partnership that allows customers who withdraw cash from any MT Bank ATM machine at Sheetz, regardless of their own bank-to access their money without incurring a surcharge.

Since the partnership began in March 2006, over 10,000,000 customers have taken advantage of the no-surcharge MT Bank ATM’s at Sheetz locations. Sheetz has seen the volume of transactions at its ATM machines nearly triple since the start of this program.

To further celebrate, one customer received a year of free gas. Crystal Stehley from Altoona, Pa–where the store is based, made a withdrawal from an ATM and was greeted by Sheetz and MT Bank officials to present her with Z-cards for her free gas.

“Millions of Sheetz customers have used the MT Bank ATM’s without a fee to access their own money,” said Louie Sheetz, executive vice president of marketing, Sheetz Inc. “We are pleased to have a partnership with MT Bank that allows us to offer our customers additional savings when they shop at Sheetz.”

Louie Sheetz was recently seen as keynote speaker at CSD’s Foodservice Conference, where he shared his insight on success and innovation with over a hundred retailers and experts in the industry.


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