changes abound for marsh

Supermarket giant makes changes in product offering.

2007 has been a busy year for Marsh Supermarkets.

The Indianapolis-based chain, known well for markets operating under the Marsh, LoBill Foods and O’Malia’s Food Markets banners as well as 148 Village Pantry convenience stores, was purchased by Sun Capitol Partners near the close of 2006. Since switching owners, the chain has undergone multiple changes, in particular the closing of several units and the division of Village Pantry into a separate business entity.

Marsh continues to morph, this time by altering its current offering. The company has announced this week that Marsh Supermarkets will begin integrating a new liquor section into store. The chain will also begin introducing DVD vending machines in 33 of its locations.

Connie Gardner, spokesman for Marsh, told The Star that customer feedback to the changes has been drawing different levels of feedback. While customers have yet to express any opinion over the new liquor offering, the DVD machines have garnered positive reviews.

“We have received very positive feedback,” Gardner said. “Customers like that you can walk up and get one and walk away.”


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