fourteen pennsylvania gas stations fined for air pollution

Civil penalties from 2005 costs 11 stations $9,500 in total fines.

The Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) has reported that 11 stations agreed to pay a total of $9,500 in fines for violations found in late 2005—three more agreed to pay $2,375 for violations found in 2006—for failing to properly maintain air pollution control devices at pump stations.

“We’re definitely stepping up the number of inspections this year, a lot more than the dozen random inspections we’ve been performing over the last 10 or so years,” ACHD spokesman Guillermo Cole told the Pittsburg Tribune-Review. “This year, the number could grow four- or fivefold.”

According to Cole, there are 140 stations in the county that were built since April 1, 1997, or dispense more than 90,000 gallons monthly. Those locations are mandated to be equipped with Stage II vapor recovery systems that cut down on air pollution caused when gasoline is pumped into gas tanks. The controls are intended to protect consumers from toxic vapors and to limit emissions that contribute to ground-level ozone.

The 11 stations fined for 2005 violations agreed to pay fines ranging from $250 to $2,500, the amount depending on the severity of the violation, Cole told the Tribune-Review.


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