gas stations losing against driveoffs

Record-high prices driving desperate drivers to desperate measures.

Escalating gas prices are becoming standard fodder for nightly news programs, all of which have been accurately reporting on the dangerously high records recent gas prices have been shattering. With the ever-increasing prices at the pump comes desperation from motorists who either cannot or choose not to pay the exorbitant prices, leading to an increase in drive-offs.

The Corpus Christi, Texas-based location of Stop-n-Go are really hurting from a rash of price-induced rive offs, according to The local c-store/gas station lost more than $100 in gasoline profits from theft alone.

The problem has gotten so bad that the store has reported changing its pumping policy. Traditionally, customers would have the option of pumping then paying during daylight hours—an option that has been revoked thanks to the rise in theft.

“We’ve been having drive offs during the day, so it’s just all day pay before you pump,” store clerk Brian Fillmore told He said the gas prices are taking a toll on customers who are tired of the high gas prices. “It’s pretty bad, people come in constantly complaining about the gas prices, when is it going up, is it ever going down.”

The Stop-n-Go employee told the news service that he notices the desperation that has come from the increase in prices.

“You see average everyday people, people that you know have good jobs, counting change for gas.”


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