spykes gets spiked

Anheuser-Busch pulls controversial beverage.

After receiving heat from critics, Anheuser-Busch has stopped producing “Spykes,” a 2-oz. Alcohol-based energy shot. Much of the condemnation aimed at the beverage came from critics who felt that the beverage was aimed

at a younger crowd and encouraged underage drinking.

“Due to its limited volume potential and unfounded criticism, we have ceased production of Spykes,” said Michael J. Owens, Anheuser-Busch Cos.’ marketing vice president in a statement. Owens went on to say that the product, which was introduced in January after two years of market testing, wasn’t producing the sales the popular brewer expected.

Owens denied claims made by critics, stating that the low amounts of alcohol contained in Spykes would be unappealing to underage drinkers, who typically attempt to consumer beverages of higher alcohol content.


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