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OPW Fuel Management Systems introduces its new Mag Sump Sensor that provides immediate detection of the presence ofhydrocarbons and/or water in a tank sump or dispenser sump. The newsensor uses magnetostrictive technology for accurate detection of liquid incontainment sumps and pans, and has been proven to provide the fastest

reaction times in the industry by using a patent-pending float design thatallows for early float lift off for either water or fuel. This new sensor can bereused immediately after detection of petroleum products, unlike othersensors on the market that use conductive elastomer technology. If any typeof liquid is detected in the containment sump, the sensors immediatelysend a notification to the iSite system so the station attendant is notifiedsimultaneously. The system can be programmed to instantly shut down anydispensing operation if hydrocarbons are detected or continue operationwhen only water is detected. Site owners are immediately notified if thesensor has been moved from its original installation position on the bottomof the containment sump or dispenser pan. This assures that the site isunder continuous monitoring should a leak ever occur.

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