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Tetley Harris enhances foodservice programs with a wealth of “better for you” beverages.

Foodservice continues to grow in importance in the convenience store channel. The foodservice category—which consists of food prepared on site, made-toorder sandwiches, as well as hot foods thatinclude hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza, inaddition to hot and cold dispensed beverages—accounts for 11.9% of in-store dollarsales.

Foodservice trends continue to be drivenby convenience, health/wellness and foodsafety, just to name a few. Delivering products that answer these trends creates a satisfied customer that will return to yourstores—creating loyalty. Our job as a manufacturer is to create products that allow ourcustomers (the operators) to capitalize oncurrent customer demands.

The Tetley Harris Food Group, a divisionof the Empirical Group LLC, focuses on providing a wide variety of tea products, delivery systems and merchandising support.We have been in the tea business for over160 years providing hot, iced, specialty,herbal, black and green leaf tea products aswell as iced tea concentrate.

The Tetley Real Brew Iced TeaConcentrate delivers a quality iced tea that satisfies the consumers demand for greattaste and quality while providing a “betterfor you” beverage that supports consumersin their healthy food and beverage choicesaway from home. Our Real Brew Iced TeaConcentrate is available in a variety of flavors: Unsweetened, Sweet, SouthernSweet, Peach, Raspberry and Green withLemongrass.

In addition to providing a healthful alternative in beverage choices, our dispensingsystem offers convenience to the operator.The benefits of the Tetley Real Brew IcedTea Concentrate dispensing system arenumerous and include:

  • Reduced labor and “downtime” frombrewing, cleaning and dispensing of waste
  • Better cost control
  • No electricity needed
  • Zero waste
  • Tea can be dispensed, by the glass,by the pitcher or by the gallon
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • Increased hold times up to four weeks
  • A taste profile that has been elevatedto “fresh brewed”

The Tetley Real Brew Iced TeaConcentrate (Sweet or Unsweetened) is:

  • Real Tea
  • Real Sugar
  • Real Quick
  • Real Easy
  • Real Convenient
  • Real Consistent
  • Real Sanitary
  • Real Profitable

Tetley offers a branded tea program withan assortment of merchandising materialproviding a turnkey solution for any tea program.

Tea Time
The benefits of Tetley’s Real Brewed Iced TeaConcentrate are:

  • Not a powder, not an essence
  • High profit margin
  • Consistent, quality beverage
  • No electricity
  • No leftover to throw away
  • No uncontrollable sugar loss
  • Convenient, consistent beverage
  • Comparable taste to fresh-brewed iced tea
  • Reduction in labor and downtime from brewing, dumping and cleaning
  • As much as you need when you need it
  • Contains only natural ingredients

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