convenience store shoppers want convenience

A comprehensive new study

by Meyers Research Center (MRC) finds that convenience store shoppers are seeking cold beverages,friendly employees and know what they want before they get through the door. The findings are part of Meyers' Convenience StoreClose-Up Wave Six, which takes a look at behavior, attitudes and decision-making patterns of c-store shoppers in the U.S. The study also disclosed that nearly half of all consumers surveyed said they are making sacrifices to pay higher gas prices at the pump.

Additional finding include:
Pain At The Gas PumpInfluences Nearly Half ofAll Surveyed.
The majority ofc-store shoppers would chooseaccess to lower cost gas abovetheir own convenience. Half ofthe participants (48%) said theyhad to give up something inorder to pay higher gas pricesover the past summer. A minority of 2% said groceries or utilitybills were sacrificed.

Employees OutweighOther Factors in C-StoreSelection. Seventy five percent of shoppers surveyed said"Helpful, friendly employees"outweighed factors such asgood prices (38%), fast checkout (38%), wide selection (27%)and prepared foods (3%) whendeciding which c-store outlet toshop in.

Planned Purchases Onthe Rise—In-StoreInfluences Declining. The influence of in-store factorsin c-stores has dropped sincethe study was last conducted in2004, falling from a level of12% to 4% in 2006. Either thereis less being used or it is lesscompelling to consumers.

"Dashboard Dining"Remains Popular. Over85% of products purchased atthe c-store are consumed within30 minutes of check-out andover half within five minutes,usually by the shopper andnobody else. More than half(56%) of shoppers said that theyplan to consume their purchases in the car while traveling.


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