gate petroleum selects boomi

Jacksonville, Fla.-based Gate Petroleum Co. has selected the Boomi Visual Integration Platform to meet the company’s current business-to-business integration software needs as well as emerging application integration requirements.

“We evaluated our technology infrastructure and realized we could significantly improve business processes if we pulled together information from standalone applications and connect directly with our trading partners,” said Ben Cebrian, database manager for Gate Petroleum Co. “We began evaluating integration software vendors, and after narrowing down the list from five contenders to three finalists, we selected the Boomi Integration Platform.”

As the first order of business using the Boomi platform, Gate Petroleum is setting up electronic invoicing with its trading partners. Currently, paper invoices are received and keyed in at the store and then transmitted to the home office, with the exception of orders from McLane. With Boomi in place, suppliers can submit any type of invoice file (flat file, XML, EDI, HTML, etc.), and Boomi will take the information and input it directly into the company’s ERP application and simultaneously send it to the appropriate retail store. This is accomplished without any human intervention.

In addition to transmitting invoices, Gate Petroleum is planning to use the AS2 transport module for secure communications.

“We’re just getting started with the Boomi platform, and it’s already clear we’ll be able to use integration in numerous other ways,” continued Cebrian. “We selected Boomi after evaluating numerous offerings, and after seeing the demo, we knew we’d be able to adapt it to our various needs. Not only is the product easy-to-use–you can create integrations with click-and-drag simplicity–but it was also one of the only offerings we saw that wasn’t a piecemeal offering. It’s one integration engine that can be used for B2B and application integration. The product operates as a cohesive unit and doesn’t require the constant add-ons you’d have to purchase from other companies.”


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