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Finding the right ice machine can turn the dispensed beverage business into one red-hot category.

Ice and ice delivery is a vital part of a convenience and/or gas store’s inventory. Whether it’s used to complement selfserve beverage systems, for sale as bagged ice or within the store for icing down beverages and food displays, ice is more than just, well, ice. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes—not to mention delivery and storage systems—each suited to different store needs.

When it comes to fountain beverage systems, finding the right ice can be the ticket to higher profit margins. Scotsman Nugget Ice is a total fountain beverage solution— one that’s guaranteed to delight consumers and generate repeat business. Known as The Original Chewable Ice, Nugget Ice goes well beyond simple satisfaction—it enhances what your customers love about fountain drinks and thrills them with what you have to offer. Chalk it up to the “fun factor” or superior chewability, but the fact is, more than 85 percent of participants preferred Nugget Ice in taste tests conducted at the National Association of Convenience Stores annual trade show last year. The bottom line is—Nugget Ice actually helps drive traffic.

“We hear positive comments about our ice every day from customers,” said Colin Ury, vice president of business affairs for Taco Time Northwest, an upscale quick-service restaurant chain in western Washington. For more than 15 years, Scotsman Nugget Ice has played an invaluable role in his company’s success.

“It’s quite simple,” he said. “Customers really love our ice.”

Taco Time’s Nugget Ice experience is duplicated daily in operations from every segment of the food industry across the United States—proving that when you combine a chewable ice that customers prefer, cools drinks quickly and retains the flavor of the drink, you have factored in the essential ingredients for a winning customer experience. Operators say customers have even told them that Nugget Ice is one of the main reasons they visit a location—a literal demonstration of how this product adds broader appeal to a fountain beverage program.

Nugget Ice not only thrills customers, but provides other bottom-line benefits. It’s slower to melt and uses less water and electricity than cubed. In addition, Scotsman utilizes innovative technologies to ensure your equipment performs to the highest standards day after day. Featuring the AutoSentry Monitoring System and simplified diagnostics, Scotsman Nugget Ice machines are streamlined for performance and equipped for reliability.

Scotsman offers a variety of ice production and delivery solutions in addition to nugget ice machines that are easy to use and maintain, and that offer outstanding reliability.

This fall, Scotsman will introduce a new model of ice machine that will be one of the most sophisticated on the market today. This model will feature a state-of-the-art selfmonitoring-system that will provide up-to-theminute-diagnostic and performance information-to ensure foolproof operation and simplify-preventative maintenance. It will also operate at energy efficiency levels that meet or exceed the strictest standards and will be equipped with features to ensure water quality and decrease scale buildup.

Scotsman has other models of ice makersand dispensers that can store from 160-to 2,000-pounds of cube ice and come in a wide variety of configurations to meet your individual needs.

Undercounter flake and nugget ice machines are also popular for the limited space in c-stores. These machines can produce up to 700-pounds of cube, flake or nugget ice, giving you high volume production in a compact space. They can store from 20- to 145-pounds of ice and fit perfectly under any standard 40 inch counter.

Isn’t it time to bring your ice machines and beverage service into the 21st century? Partner with Scotsman Ice Systems and you’ll benefit from the most advanced production and storage systems in the country, offering greater customer appeal, reliability and profitability.

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