protecting the perimeter

Tesoro Corp. has instituted a series of safeguards to keep employees out of harm’s way.

Frank Coletta has every reason to take his job very seriously. If he eases up on the rules and regulations just a little bit, employees could get hurt, or worse. So this savvy industry veteran has no plans to go easy on store employees who take convenience store safety lightly.

Coletta is the manager of safety and loss prevention for Tesoro Corp., and he is the focus of this month’s cover story.

Since joining the San Antonio-based refiner-marketer in 1998, Coletta has instituted a series of safeguards to keep employees out of harm’s way. They include interactive security, time-delay drop safes and a strict non-resistance policy when it comes to robberies. His policies were developed based on his 15 years of experience in law enforcement.

What distinguishes Coletta from some of his peers is that he is not simply paying the security issue lip service. He means business and he is not afraid to show it.

“We had a guy who intervened in a robbery when he shouldn’t have and he tied a would-be thief up with Scotch tape,” Coletta said. “The employee thought he was doing the right thing. We decided his behavior could not be tolerated. He put himself and other employees at risk and, as a result, the guy doesn’t work for us any more.”

At a time when labor continues to be a persistent industry-wide problem, some security managers might be willing to turn the other cheek. Not Coletta. That says a lot for chain that oversees a retail marketing system of almost 500 convenience stores and gas stations.

It takes a lot of people to man those stores, but all of them are expendable if they don’t follow the rules and put themselves and others at risk.

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