Convenience Store Decisions Celebrates its 200th Issue

CSD February ’06 Issue
Cover Story/Main Feature:
Industry RetrospectiveThe Past, Present and Future of C-Store Retailing:
A close look at the key issues that shaped the industry over the past 10 years. This story will analyze four key areas:

  • The tobacco MSA, state and federal tax increases and the infringement of Internet/Native American cigarette sales.
  • The financial instability and subsequent bankruptcies in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s
  • The impact of the spate of mergers and acquisitions reshaped the industry landscape beginning in 1998.
  • Environmental issues, including underground storage tank regulations and boutique fuel blends.


The Technology Revolution. In the early 1990’s most retailers didn’t know the difference between a pricebook and a matchbook. Scanning was something only supermarkets did and even they didn’t know what to do with the sales data they were collecting. A lot has changed since then. Retailers have mastered scanning and data mining and even moved beyond real-time reporting and integrated POS systems into sophisticated loyalty and rewards programs.

The Growth of Foodservice. Using previous CSD stories, this story will provide a detailed analysis of how branded and unbranded foodservice has become one of the top in-store categories and easily its profitable especially as tobacco has come under fire from state and federal regulators. In addition to food items, the story will look at the coffee boom created by Starbucks and how it has benefited the convenience store industry.

The Evolution of Store Design. A close look at how store design has changed since the early 1990’s. Stores are bigger, safer and much more expensive to build. Retailers and design firms will discuss the major changes over the past 10 years and share their views on the next great design concepts.

A Salute to CSD’s Chain of the Year winners. This story will look at the past winners of the COY award where winners will talk about the positive impact the award has had in their organization.

Jay’s Retrospective: A look back at the industry and CSD’s impact.

Alon was the first story to appear in the very first issue of Convenience Store Decisions. This story will be a one- or two-page feature on the growth of the Alon brand explaining how it has changed through the years since it first graced the cover of CSD.

Front End
American Auto Wash launches a fuel brand.
NACS tackles credit card processing fees.
The Impact of Gas Prices on In-Store sales. Analysis by Williard Bishop consulting.

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